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The Story Begins...

From the very earliest stages of my life I’ve always wanted to write. I remember when I was a high school sophomore and wrote a fictional short story based on an actual Civil War battle. Within days after I submitted it to my English teacher, the story became a thing of controversy. It was then that my mind told me I had something. I discovered that the pen was indeed mightier than the sword. Through my student years I’ve written for college newspapers, submitted my stories to national magazines and somehow managed to have a few of them published.
Words have the power to change people, events, and society for good or evil depending upon the writer. From my early years until the present I’ve wanted to use my word ability to CHANGE HUMAN HEARTS HENSE SOCIETY FOR THE GOOD. I thank GOD that I’ve been gifted with this ability. To me writing is never a chore but a labor of my sincerest love.

Art Resume

Fred’s Online Art Gallery-http://fredcwilsoniii.tripod.com/artpage.html
Ceramics: On Line Art Gallery:
ARC Gallery-September of 2003
Ceramics Monthly-Photographs of my ceramic art pieces-October of 2003
Gallicuricci Works-Evanston, IL-1995
Billy Hork Invitational-Arlington Heights, IL-1995 (declined due to illness)
North Lakeside Cultural Center-Chicago, IL-1995
Beverly Arts Center’s Alice and Arthur Baer Competition-Chicago, IL 1995
Blue Moon Gallery-Skokie, IL-1995
Salon Art Show-Chicago, IL.1996
OKO Gallery-Chicago, IL-1996
Forth World Art Gallery-Chicago, IL-1999
Artistic Insights-Chicago, IL-1996
College of Lake Forest Holiday Art Fair-Grayslake, IL-1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
Gloria Jones Gallery-Chicago, IL-2000
Liturgical Art Show-Springfield, IL-2000
Hinsdale Center-Hinsdale, IL-2000
Chicago Art Open-Chicago, IL-2001 & 2003
The Chicago Athenaeum-Schaumburg, IL-2002
Eclectic Junction-Chicago, IL-1995-2003
Illinois Artisans Shops-Illinois (works sold on consignment)
Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL-2003
State of Illinois James Thompson Center, Chicago, IL-2006
Resident Rembrandt, Chicago, IL-2009
Hinsdale Center for the Fine Arts, Hinsdale, IL- 2000
Maple Point 3rd Annual Art Exhibit, Chicago, IL- 2010
Schaumburg Township Library, Schaumburg, IL - 2011
Schaumburg Township Library, Schaumburg, IL – 2013
Black History Month Art Show (Near North Library) – Chicago, IL 2015
Excalibur-Chicago, IL-1996
Around the Coyote-Chicago, IL-1995
Lake Meadows Art Fair-Chicago, IL-1970 & 1971
63rd Street Art Fair-Chicago, IL-1972
Harold Washington College Art Show-Chicago, IL-1998
Ceramics Monthly-September 2003
Edgewater Beach Library-Chicago, IL-1998 art show & lecture
Rush/St. Luke’s/Presbyterian Atrium Art Show-Chicago, IL-1998
Loop City College-Chicago, IL -1983
North Lakeside Cultural Center-Chicago, IL-1998 art show & lecture
Excalibur-Chicago, IL-2001
Northwestern University-Chicago, IL-2001-2002
Kenosha Public Museum-Kenosha, WI-2005- (out-of-state)
St. Charles Art & Music Festival-St. Charles, IL-2005
Dittmar Memorial Gallery-Evanston, IL-2001 (solo)
Berger Park Community Arts Bazaar, Chicago, IL-2005
Uptown Library-Chicago, IL-1998 art show & lecture (solo)
Web Page Listings:
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City of Chicago-Chicago Cultural Center-February 13th thru March 14th, 2006
Art Education:
American Academy of Art-1962
Harold Washington College-Associate of Fine Arts (Honors)-1981-1983
Lill Street Art Center-various ceramics courses 1987-2003
Professional & Personal References:
Ms. Samantha Del Mundo   [email protected]
Ms. Cristina Del Mundo-773-387-0462
Mr. Bruce Robbins-[Director] Lill Street Art Center-(773) 769-4226

Meet The Artist

Fred C. Wilson III is 70 years old, a former State of Illinois highway designer-drafter, junior engineer, retired public school teacher of 32 years, retired income tax professional with H & R Block, ceramicist, former lay hospital chaplain, and free-lance writer. He lives in Chicago with his wife Maria along with their five children and two grandchildren.

Fred C. Wilson III

When I was a small child, I have always wanted to become a professional artist. Why people would ask me would I want to enter a field where the pay is low, the people considered strange, and society generally consider artists to be inferior beings? Why? I will tell you why: because the world of creative art gives me a sense of sharing in God’s creative process. I feel that I produce things of great beauty and objects of spiritual quality; things that will glorify God and humanity. Whenever I am working with a piece of clay, a painting, and or taking pictures, I feel a sense of oneness with my work.  I loose all sense of time and place whenever I am involved with my art. It is a labor of pure love for art that gives me a tremendous feeling of personal satisfaction, joy, and great spiritual fulfillment.

i got my act together!

fred's bad ass art page
This is a portrait of a young lady who lived during the 19th Century. though I didn't know her personally she appears to have been a person I would have enjoyed conversing with. 
This is my take on 'american gothic..' being a large man I had to make the coveralls wider.  my grand daughter samantha is much shorter than the lady in the orginal painting. the background is a combination of the original farm building combined with modern changes. in case you're wondering about my hand it was no mistake. my hand really looks like that. 
This man is a prime candidate for somebodies anger management class though i don't have the balls to tell him. like this guy looks like him lives in the gym.
  1. Child Prostitute
    Child Prostitute
  2. Philippa Daniels
    Philippa Daniels
  3. God make me a good bombardier!
    God make me a good bombardier!
  4. The Chicken Leg
    The Chicken Leg
  5. Angry Woman
    Angry Woman
  6. Dresden
  7. Sophie Scholl & Hungry African Girl
    Sophie Scholl & Hungry African Girl
  8. Helpless
  9. Harriet Tubman
    Harriet Tubman
  10. Pueblo Girl and Marcus Garvey
    Pueblo Girl and Marcus Garvey
  11. HNC
  12. Italian hillside city
    Italian hillside city
  13. Gems
  14. John Brown
    John Brown
  15. Langston Hughes
    Langston Hughes
  16. Loud Mouth
    Loud Mouth
  17. Malcolm X
    Malcolm X
  18. Lena Horne
    Lena Horne
  19. Maria
  20. Bataan Death March survivor
    Bataan Death March survivor
  21. Maxine
  22. Starvation
  23. Ethiopian Orthodox priest
    Ethiopian Orthodox priest
  24. Helpless
  25. Satchel Paige
    Satchel Paige
  26. Seductress
  27. Sexy Face
    Sexy Face
  28. Professor Stephen Hawking
    Professor Stephen Hawking
  29. Family Portrait
    Family Portrait
  30. Three Ladies
    Three Ladies
  31. Three Priests
    Three Priests
  32. Room with a View
    Room with a View
  33. Self Portrait
    Self Portrait
  34. Pretty Woman
    Pretty Woman
  35. Vietnamese Boy
    Vietnamese Boy
  36. Grandmother with grandchild
    Grandmother with grandchild
  37. Pope Pius XI
    Pope Pius XI
  38. Samantha in Edwardian dress
    Samantha in Edwardian dress